Chicken Butchery Business Plan

Chicken Butchery Business Plan

Chicken Butchery Business Plan

Chicken Butchery Business Plan -Chicken Butchery Business Guide

Chicken Butchery Business Plan - Chicken Butchery Business Guide

Chicken Butchery Business Plan Overview

This is a Chicken Butchery Business Plan to the standard Chicken Butchery Business.

Chicken Butchery Business refers to butcheries specializing in chicken and chicken parts like liver, feet, back, gizzard and neck. Just like in beef butchery the chicken in sold in different quantities and not necessarily as a whole. Thus a consumer can purchase a quarter kilogram, half, one and a half and any other quantity.

Broiler as opposed to kienyeji chicken are preferred. Broiler chickens are readily available in large quantities and their price favorable when compared to kienyeji chicken. The trend hasn’t changed despite many more farmers getting into kienyeji chicken rearing.

Chicken butcheries in Nairobi, county headquarters and major urban centers, are a relatively new phenomenon which picked from around 2008. Although for years chicken has been sold in some butcheries it was as a whole. It was rare to find chicken being sold in quarter kilograms as was the case in beef, pork and mutton. Specialty chicken butchery business were none existent.

Most of the chicken sold in pieces was in fast foods, hotels and informally on streets. The only exception is at the City Market in Nairobi where for many years it has been possible to get chicken parts like back, and purchase coupons in lesser quantities with a minimum of 500grams. There were also parts like skin, gizzards and backs.

The rise in the number of chicken butcheries since 2008 has been driven by:

  • Increased number of farmers rearing chicken. There are now more chicken breeds, more hatcheries, feed companies and readily information on chicken rearing. All this has lowered the barriers to entry in chicken farming.
  • Entrepreneurs seeking new investment opportunities. There is comparatively lower direct competition in the chicken butchery business when compared to other kind of meat.
  • Low barriers to entry in terms of capital, supplies and legislation.

The chicken butchery business is still young and yet to reach levels of maturity. There are areas with only one chicken butchery business, while others have none despite there being high potential. Opportunities exist in the business. In some areas, where there is no direct competition, chicken butcheries are a virgin opportunity. However the ability to successfully exploit such opportunities will depend on location, management and supply efficiencies.

The business is not yet crowded, and although there are now more avenues where consumers can purchase chicken. E.g. chicken choma on the street, the raw chicken demand for home cooking still exists.

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