How To Start A Business From Scratch

How To Start A Business From Scratch

How To Start A Business From Scratch

What is a business?
Dear friend, forgive me for asking you a silly question (as above).
My experience over the years has shown me that most people in kenya and even africa really don`t know what business is all about.
Many people think that business is buying and selling of goods or services.
No…. Business is not buying and selling. Oxford dictionary too is wrong when it defines business as commercial activity.

Business is not just a commercial activity. Now that you`re thinking about how to start a successful business, i will love to tell you what (truly) business is.

In my own experience, business is putting together of all the available resources (humans and materials) in order to win the battle in the market place.
Hey, don`t struggle to remember the above definition. The most important phrase i want you to remember is, win the battle in the market place.
Why do i disagree with people who think that starting a business is as simple as buying and selling? Why do i disagree with the almighty oxford dictionary that defines business as commercial activity?

Because if business was a merely buying and selling, everybody would have become a millionaire. If business is a mere commercial activity, then, most people who started business would have succeeded.
Unfortunately, over 90% of the start-up businesses never succeeded.

Because business is not just a buying and selling of goods and services. Business is a battle, a struggle between many soldiers (competitors) and a war.
I have no intention to scare you my fellow kenyan. In fact, i am here to help you… That`s why i dare to tell you the truth.

But why do people find this simple truth very hard to believe? Because most people are product of school. School is uninformed, and so do her products.
It is easier to believe what your commerce teacher taught you 15 years ago than to search for reality, you know.

If you read my ebook entitled, the business world & what school did not teach you about business, then you know how dumb school is.
Another question people ask is, how can i start a business in kenya with little capital? Or in south africa, in ghana or anywhere in africa.

I will answer your question.
First, i will love to tell you that how to start a business is (except in few cases) not very different from one geographical location or country to another.
Starting a business has an already tested and universal principles … Just as the law of gravity is a tested and proven law.
The only exception you may find is, for example an ice cream business that is very much lucrative at the coast, mombasa may be less lucrative in kisii. Why? There is hotter weather at the coast.

Another exception may be that starting a particular new business in kenya may not require any official registration, while such same business requires a strict compliance and regulation in south africa.

Do some people assume that how to start-up a business is different in kenya than in england in terms of challenges?

Wherever you`re thinking about how to start a small or big business in kenya, togo or in geriani (if there is any country with that name), you`re going to face similar odd situations, only at a different rate.

Do you think it`s easy to start a business in america? You can think again.
I am sure you`re getting my point here. After you have understood that, let us proceed as i will give you some other tips.

How to start a business in kenya that is profitable?

Since (i guess) profit and money is the reason why you desire to start a business, may i ask you, how do you think successful entrepreneurs make money in business?

They do so by by giving value to people. By improving people`s life. By making the world a better place.
Unfortunately, we are living in a continent (africa) where the rich are seen as liars, thieves and fraudsters.

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