Ice Lollies Business Plan

Ice Lollies Business Plan

Ice Lollies Business Plan

Ice Lollies Business Plan - Ice Lollies Business Guide

Ice Lollies Business Plan Overview

This Ice Lollies Business Plan focuses on the Ice Lollies Business .

Ice lollies or what are commonly known as Lamba Lamba are made by simply mixing water with some food color , flavours and sugar then freezing to ice. Sounds pretty simple until you think of doing it commercially which then you have to consider speed and capacity.

It’s important to note that there exists many different forms of ice lollies , and even some which can be made using juices, fruits and milk products, however the focus of this quick guide are the Lamba Lamba per se; the simple lollies whose primary ingredients are food colour, flavours and water. And which are made for commercial purposes; to sell at a wholesale or retail level.

Before we look at the equipment; it would be good to get an idea of how ice lollies are made. Basically an ice lollie is coloured, flavoured water frozen in a simple shape, then affixed with a stick to hold and lick. This means to make an ice lollie you need:

  • Water
  • Flavours / Food Colours
  • The freezing and moulding equipment.
  • The sticks

So you mix the water with the colour, flavor and sugar, fix the sticks moulds, insert in the freezing gadget, wait for it to freeze and once they turn to ice, remove them and get them to the market. Generally it’s as simple as that.

The major and very basic equipment to make lamba lamba is the ice lollies maker. As noted the major process in making ice lollies is freezing and shaping (moulding), and ‘sticking’ (affixing the sticking handle). This is what the machine is designed to do in bulk. There are various forms of makers, but at the end they do the same thing. A typical machine, the ones commonly used in Kenya has the moulds to shape the lollies and a freezing component.

For commercial purposes you need capacity, and that’s one of the major differentiating various machines. Hence you could have an ice lollie maker that can make 120 lollies per time, 240 and so forth. “Per time” here means the duration between pouring the water ingredients in the moulds and freezing ready to sell. This duration ranges between 30 minutes and one hour. The maker is powered by electricity.

When deciding what capacity to go for look at your capital, the size of the market you hope to capture in the short run and long run. If for instance you establish in an area whose population is growing due to development or some other reason then your market will expand in the future, and you need to be prepared when it does.

On the other hand like any business this one too needs good cash flow, the machine is one of the costs and there will be other items you will require. So no need to invest all in the maker and then freeze because you lack the capital to start operations.

It is also a market reality that there are entrepreneurs who close down their ice lollies businesses for a variety of reasons from low sales, poor management, more profitable alternatives or simply boredom. This means that at times there are second hand ice lollies makers available for sale.

Urban areas tend to have more competition because of the population density. Despite this the pie is sometimes big for everyone. The fact that most of the operators are small means they expand at a slow rate, and is normal to find areas where vendors rarely reach.

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