Daycare Business Plan

Daycare Business Plan

Daycare Business Plan

Daycare Business Plan -Daycare Business Guide

Daycare Business Plan - Daycare Business Guide

Daycare Business Plan Overview

This is a Daycare Business Plan to the standard Daycare Business.

This Daycare Business Plan focuses on standard, as opposed to extremely high end, daycares, largely handling kids of between 6 months and 3 years. Nowadays almost all kindergartens admit kids of 3 years, and at that age parents prefer to take a child to school rather than keep them at a daycare.

Overall demand for Daycare services is driven by:

  • A significant increase in the number of women working and pursuing career goals.
  • Frustrations with House helps This is by househelps leaving after a short while in search of greener pastures, feeling that they are overworked or other personal reasons.
  • Sometimes there is unavailability of househelps . Partially this is driven by a bigger percentage of girls getting and completing school due to the free primary education and also because there are increasingly more opportunities for self employment. For instance one can start hawking eggs and smokies with as low as Kshs.5000.
  • Negative stories about househelps The mainstream media has carried quite a number of stories touching on carelessness, brutality and naivety of house helps. On social media, particularly on Facebook there are groups focused on mothers, and some of the most discussed topics have to do with disappointments brought about by househelps. This has made some parents and especially new parents hesitant to hire househelps .
  • Government regulations the government has been pushing for stricter regulation of the informal workers, house helps included. Among the suspended regulations was to ensure the house helps are paid the minimum statutory wage in addition to the employer making NSSF contributions on their behalf. These regulations, though suspended for now, have made some parents hesitant to hire house helps considering the extra financial obligations they will incur.

Why Women Take Their Children to Daycare Business

The major reason is because they want to have the best of both worlds: To pursue their economic and social lives while still ensuring their babies are taken care of in the best way possible considering the circumstances.

There seems to be no clear regulations on how to treat Daycares Business. In some counties education officials insists that Daycares should have a license to operate from the education department while in others they say it’s alright to operate without any form of certification from the education officials.

In Nairobi for instance pure Daycares don’t require a license from the education office. However since regulations keep changing a visit to the local/county education before starting is important just to be on the safe side.

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