Courier Business Plan

Courier Business Plan

Courier Business Plan

Courier Business Plan -Courier Business Guide

Courier Business Plan -Courier Business Guide

Courier Business Plan Overview

This is a Courier Business Plan to the standard Courier Business.

This Business Plan covers two main types of courier businesses:

  • Intercity Courier Service – The long distance courier business dealing with transportation of items largely between two major towns .Although the parcels could be of any size and weight, this Courier Business Plan is a little biased towards larger goods.
  • Intracity Motorcycle Service Couriers using motorcycles to pick and deliver parcels;  and operating within limited a radius of a city or town.

The courier business space has expanded geometrically in the last 15 years. Whereas a decade ago the space was dominated by a handful of multinationals and midsized local businesses there are now over 141 licensed courier companies and many others operating informally without proper licenses.

This growth can be attributed to several factors. Among them is the expansion of the economy which has led to the growth of small and medium enterprises. Such enterprises are involved in service and also manufacture importation and distribution of goods. 

Devolution has also spurred urbanization, opened up regions which were previously inaccessible and created new economic centers away from the major towns. These new centers need all manner of supplies and courier companies help get goods and related documentation get there.

The number of more demanding and ‘exposed’ consumers has also increased. To fill the needs of these consumers entrepreneurs are importing all manner of items. And these too need to be transported from ports and airports to various destinations across the country.

The barriers to entry in the business have also gone a notch lower. Despite there being more regulation in the business compared to say 15 years ago, barriers in terms of capital and acquiring customers are much lower.

Of note, and especially for the intracity courier business (those that operate within a city or town), is the contribution of online retail and hospitality industry to growth of couriers.

There are now hundreds of small businesses selling all manner of wares through various internet forums, and a significant number of them use couriers to get their goods to customers.

Also restaurants and even individuals have moved into the food delivery business, taking food to where the customers are, rather than waiting for them to walk in. Likewise many of these rely on courier services.

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