Fish Supply to Hotels Business Plan

Fish Supply to Hotels Business Plan

Fish Supply to Hotels Business Plan

Fish Supply to Hotels Business Plan - Fish Supply to Hotels Business Guide

Fish Supply to Hotels Business Plan Overview

This is a Fish Supply to Hotels Business Plan to the standard Fish Supply to Hotels Business .

The data from this Fish Supply to Hotels Business Plan should help you decide how to join the fish business as a supplier to hotels or reseller of sorts. The information will also help you understand the market, identify and hopefully seize related opportunities.

Market Observations

Most of the hotels (60%) only sell Tilapia. A smaller number sell tilapia and fillet, and only a few sell tilapia and omena. The choice of what a hotel is driven by customer demands, pricing and expected margins. Most of hotels (67%)  sell 10-50 fishes in a day. Only a few sell over 100 fishes daily.

The majority of hotels are supplied by individuals. This means entrepreneurs operating at an individual level, small company and not as a limited company or anything equivalent. Own sourcing means the hotels go to the market themselves rather than use the services of individuals or companies to supply them at their premises. Majority of the hotels (50%) are supplied twice per week, and only a few are supplied daily or more than twice a week.

Majority of the hotels buy fish at between Kshs. 200 and Kshs. 250. None of the hotels was buying tilapia at more than Kshs.250. Majority of the hotels pay on credit. An almost equal number pay on both credit and cash. Cash meaning that they pay immediately on delivery. Also 70% of hotels are willing to shift to other suppliers.

The lowest quantity of fish consumed in a hotel was 10 pieces of tilapia while the highest were 250 pieces.

The reason that most hotels don’t source the fish themselves say from Kisumu or the markets is because of the logistics involved; they have to think of transport, time, selecting the best quality and other such factors. To avoid all that hustle they prefer paying a small premium to have the fish delivered to their premises. Thus as a supplier it’s important to understand it’s not that the hotels can’t source the fish themselves, they can but then that won’t since it won’t be the best use of their resources and time. By supplying you will be selling them your time and expertise in fish.

The traders in the market operate in various ways. There are traders who have direct connections with fishermen or as is the case fish brokers in and around Lake Victoria. The brokers will gather the fish, put in an ice box and send to the traders in Nairobi via a bus, lorry or any other such means.

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